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Growing a business is a delicate and painstaking process that can be derailed by anything from data theft to hidden corruption schemes. Unfortunately, such crimes happen all too often.

With the Group-IB Investigation Subscription, we find the weak links and criminal activity that could compromise your business while you use freed-up resources to propel your company into success.


Of in-house investigations face challenges due to limited resources

We investigate the full spectrum of cybercrime

For Group-IB, no case is too difficult nor criminal too elusive. We leave no stone unturned, investigating the widest range of cybercrime to ensure your business and reputation remain unharmed.

Employee screening
Due diligence
Employee theft
Data theft
Brand abuse
Insider attacks and espionage
Data leaks
Money laundering
Securities and insurance fraud
Corporate fraud
Illicit trade
Information wars
Cyber blackmailing
Account takeover
Business Email Compromise

Investigative services

We offer two investigative services: preliminary analysis and full-fledged investigation. With either service, Group-IB investigators develop a unique approach, taking into account every nuance and detail of the case. We leave no stone unturned and throughout the investigation collect and process digital evidence, monitor the dark web, acquire data for risk management, track data leaks, provide OSINT, and perform digital forensics.

Preliminary investigation

This service is the prerequisite for any investigation. During the preliminary analysis, investigators analyze source data, collect digital evidence, and identify IoCs and criminal infrastructure.


The investigation is divided into two stages: determining how the attack happened and attributing the findings to determine the threat actor and their motives.

Subscription options

Investigation services




(only available for Group-IB Digital Risk Protection customers)

Hours provided100200250
SLA (hours)842
Evidence collectionYesYesYes
Repurposing of hoursNoYesYes

Brand risk reports

Digital Risk analysisNoYesYes
VIP impersonation analysisNoYesYes
Number of reports-57

The power behind Group-IB investigations

Every investigation is reinforced by proprietary expertise and technologies to guarantee that every case results in your favor.

Threat Intelligence & Attribution
Actionable, finished intelligence to track actors and prevent attacks before they happen
Digital Risk Protection
AI-driven online platform for external digital risk identification and mitigation
Team that combats computer-based, financial, and corporate crimes and helps to bring perpetrators to justice
Digital Forensics Laboratory
Practicing experts who perform digital forensics, malware analysis, and eDiscovery

What Group-IB Investigations deliver

In all cases

  • Processed and documented digital evidence
  • Detailed, tailored reporting
  • Support for law enforcement and legal teams

+ in case of an attack

  • Containment and remediation of the attack
  • List of indicators of compromise (IoCs)
  • Location of threat actor
  • Network infrastructure involved in incident

Tailored reporting

Reports are the most crucial element in any investigation. They not only summarize the case but also provide the technical details that are vital to dismantling criminal infrastructures. Both services produce in-depth reports that are tailored to the following groups:

  • Legal teams
  • Regulators
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Compliance officials
  • Senior management
  • Information security officers

Why Group-IB

In-depth understanding of the cybercriminal mindset, schemes, and techniques

Access to vast dark web archives, including deleted topics or shut-down forums with Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution

Proprietary technologies and methods for tracking cybercriminals

Knowledge of cybercrime trends via global CERT-GIB and Incident Response activity


Official partner of
Interpol and Europol


successful investigations


countries globally where Group-IB
has conducted investigations

A quick look at our cases

Carding Action 2020: Group-IB supports Europol-backed operation saving €40 million
Operation Falcon: Group-IB helps INTERPOL identify Nigerian BEC ring members
Group-IB receives funding from CSA to develop a cyber investigation solution for Singapore
Operation Night Fury: Group-IB helps take down a cybergang behind the infection of hundreds of websites all over the world

Don't wait for an attack to happen. Get your team of investigators now.

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