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86% of web resources

contain at least one critical vulnerability

193 days

is how long it takes on average to eliminate a vulnerability

1 hour

or less is needed for a criminal to steal information and money

Years of experience in assessing the security of major portals, banking systems, and production facilities have shown that a formal approach to information security does nothing to defend against modern threats.

We understand that the quality and scope of testing is important. As such, we strive to show our customers the real degree of their internal and external perimeter security, application protection, and employee awareness. We also use all possible attack vectors and techniques in our assessments.

  • Objective

    Privilege escalation in the customer’s local network, and access to confidential and sensitive information

  • Process

    Handling of attack scenarios and vectors, in-depth analysis of detected vulnerabilities, and achievement of objectives

  • Result

    Provision of procedures for implementing successfully modeled attacks that demonstrate how to achieve the pre-determined objectives

  • Objective

    Full scan of the customer’s systems and advanced search for vulnerabilities

  • Process

    Tool-based and manual system analysis, and examination of all available nodes

  • Result

    Assessment of the customer’s systems and creation of a list of detected and exploited vulnerabilities


Our focus is on delivering high-quality services and providing detailed reports about the security of analyzed systems.

  • Approval of the scope of work
  • System analysis
  • Search for entry points
2Search for vulnerabilities
  • Tool-based search
  • Manual search
  • Handling of attack vectors
3Exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Search for and development of exploits
  • Attack modeling
  • Analysis of attack consequences
  • Descriptions of detected vulnerabilities and attack vectors
  • Recommendations on eliminating vulnerabilities
  • Systematization of possible attacks and vulnerabilities
  • Executive summary

Benefits of Group-IB’s Services

Globally certified experts

Group-IB security assessments are conducted by a team of highly specialized experts with over 10 years of experience analyzing infrastructures and applications. Group-IB’s auditors hold more than 40 globally recognized certifications, including CREST CRT, CREST CPSA, OSCP, OSWE, CEH, CISA, GDPR DPP, PCI QSA, and more.

Perfect alliance of technology and expertise

The Group-IB security assessment process is constantly updated to reflect the most recent cybersecurity methods and attack trends. This data is provided by our DFIR Laboratory, CERT-GIB, and best-in-class Threat Intelligence & Attribution solution, and further enriched by our active cooperation with INTERPOL and Europol.

High-quality expert analysis

Automation does not replace the thorough, hands-on analysis conducted by Group-IB’s experts. Less emphasis on automation allows our experts to focus their full attention on developing in-depth analyses of network infrastructures and creating comprehensive and thorough reports.

Full-cycle support and beyond

We support our customers throughout the security assessment process and check in with them after the audit is complete. Group-IB experts respond to lingering concerns, provide additional consulting, and conduct a free check-up for select services to determine how well detected vulnerabilities were eliminated.

Unique process

Security assessments are performed with the help of universally recognized methods and technologies, as well as Group-IB’s patented innovations that have been perfected over the course of 800+ successful security assessments around the world.

Validation by global institutions

The quality of our security assessment and consulting services, as well as their adherence to best practices and ability to protect customers’ data are recognized annually by BSI with ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certificates.

Customer success stories

Awards and recognition

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Cybersecurity Assessment - Group-IB Security Assessment

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