Red Teaming

Anticipate attackers’ movements to stay one step ahead

The problems are real

for reality

Security teams may understand how to defend against threat actors in theory but are unprepared to do so in practice.

Incomplete security controls

A company may often consider penetration testing sufficient and do not hire red teams for security testing.

never sleep

Threat actors don’t work on a schedule and aim to launch unexpected attacks when the company is most vulnerable.


A lack of knowledge of the cyber threat landscape and modern attacker TTPs will cripple blue teams.

How Red Teaming can help

Simulate real-life attacks

Red team attacks offer the most realistic opportunity to test how a company can defend against security incidents.

Bolster the blue team

The red team process teaches your team how to anticipate the movements of threat actors.

Uncover security breaches

Attack simulations are effective in exposing deep gaps in organizations’ infrastructure.

Optimize business processes

The red teaming results allow security teams to work out problematic issues in key elements of the organization.

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Red Teaming stages

Initial stage

4-6 weeks
  • Create a working group
  • Define the scope of work
  • Sign cooperation protocols
  • Form the Red Team

Target Intelligence

2-4 weeks
  • Perform extensive reconnaissance
  • Develop initial scenarios involving potential attacks


8-10 weeks
  • Conduct covert attacks on identified critical functions
  • Develop alternative ways of achieving the objective

Final stage

2-4 weeks
  • Assess how Blue Team responds to cyberthreats
  • Draft a report with the actions taken and conclusions
  • Analyze results and plan improvements

Why customers choose Group-IB

Team of certified experts

Team of qualified experts who have 10+ years of experience auditing various infrastructures and international certifications in the field of information security (OSCP, OSWP, CEH, and others).

Harmony of technology and human intelligence

The strong synergy between experts from Group-IB’s DFIR Lab, CERT-GIB, and proprietary Threat Intelligence & Attribution mean that our solutions are continuously enriched with up-to-date information about attacker TTPs.

Full-spectrum reporting

Reports contain an executive summary with an overview of the main threats as well as recommendations for businesses, detailed descriptions of vulnerabilities, and specific recommendations for technical specialists.

Full-scale inspection

Our full cycle of checks allow for a comprehensive assessment of the infrastructure, as evidenced by the more than 800 successfully conducted complex audit requests.

What Group-IB delivers

In-depth testing of multiple scenarios over a period of several months

Comprehensive reporting on the red team’s methods and attack vectors, with a list of compromised assets

Detailed recommendations on how to secure your company

Workshop with the blue team to review the red teaming scenarios and results

Awards and recognition

Breach and Attack Simulation - Group-IB Red Teaming

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