Unified Risk Platform

Intelligence in Action.

Group-IB’s solutions are powered by intelligence-driven technologies and refined by our team’s exceptional expertise

Overcome cyber risks with security powered solutions by an intelligent platform. Cyber threats are targeting your infrastructure, endpoints, brand, and customers. The Unified Risk Platform by Group-IB understands the threat actors behind these attacks and optimizes your defenses against them. With intelligence at its core, Group-IB’s SaaS platform prevents breaches, fraud, and brand abuse.

Diverse sources of intelligence

The Unified Risk Platform has unparalleled visibility into current and past attacks, creating the industry's most comprehensive intelligence library.

Research, science and modeling

Patented technologies and world-class analysts work in tandem to continuously analyze Group-IB’s intelligence library and uncover cyber threats, fraud, and brand abuse.

Coverage of the Cyber Response Chain

Prevent breaches, eliminate fraud, and protect brands covering all stages of an attack: before, during and a posteriori (so-called Cyber Response Chain).

Flexible and modular solutions

Quickly deploy and integrate any of the Unified Risk Platform’s modular solutions into your security ecosystem. The flexible architecture allows for additional capabilities to be easily activated.

Embed intelligence
into your security

Prepare your defense

The Unified Risk Platform strengthens security by identifying the risks your organization faces. The platform automatically configures your Group-IB defenses with the precise insights required to stop attacks by threat actors, thereby making it less likely that an attack will be successful.

Identify attacks

Group-IB's platform monitors threat actors at all times in order to detect advanced attacks and techniques. The Unified Risk Platform quickly and accurately identifies early warning signs before attacks develop, fraud occurs or your brand is damaged, which reduces the risk of undesirable consequences.

Respond instantly

The Unified Risk Platform counters threat actors with insight into their modus operandi. The platform leverages a variety of solutions and techniques to stop attacks that target your infrastructure, endpoints, brand and customers, reducing the risk that an attack will cause disruption or recur.

The Unified Risk Platform
is the foundation for intelligence‑driven products and services




Unified Risk Platform
Complete coverage. Prevent breaches, fraud and brand abuse with a single platform.
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The industry’s
most intelligent platform

The Unified Risk Platform has unparalleled visibility into current and past attacks collected from a diverse range of sources, creating the industry's most comprehensive intelligence library.

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Moving Forward
with Unified Risk Platform

What is the Unified Risk Platform?

The platform puts intelligence in action, powered by leading technologies and refined by the exceptional expertise of our team. The platform understands the cyber threats are targeting your organization to prevent breaches, fraud, and brand abuse.

How do I use the Platform?

The Unified Risk Platform is designed to help organizations prevent themselves from becoming a victim of cybercrime. The platform powers Group-IB’s solutions, and organizations can simply choose the solution that matches their use case to benefit.

Where can I learn more?

Group-IB is publishing a blog explaining how the platform works and how it enhances our solutions. Organizations that want to learn more can visit our webpage or read our datasheet about the Unified Risk Platform.

How can I get the Unified Risk Platform?

You are welcome to start with any of the modules and then extend it according to your needs.