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Multiple brand protection and risk mitigation solutions in one platform

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection continuously and automatically monitors millions of online resources where your brand or intellectual property may be present. Collected data includes screenshots, images, HTML files, redirect chains, traffic sources, and domain-related parameters.

scam phishing protection drp

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection implements a three-stage takedown process to maximize the chances of violations, like scam and phishing, being eliminated. Combination of automated system and a vast partnership network enables to defeat more infringements on a pre-trial basis.

scam phishing protection drp

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection leverages machine learning to detect scams, phishing, and other violations at the earliest possible stage. Specifically, the digital security solution identifies fraud and scams before the traffic attraction stage and continuously enriches algorithms across industries.

ai anti-fraud scam protection

Group-IB’s approach to scam protection is aimed at identifying networks of fraudulent resources and cybercriminals’ infrastructure. Our team of analysts researches scam groups, actors, and popular schemes, creating new assets for monitoring and public reports.

anti-scam drp solution

Why brands choose Group-IB
Digital Risk Protection

anti-scam drp solution

Intuitive and easy-to access dashboards, detailed reports and clear takedown processes.

scam protection anti-piracy anti-scam

Automated neural-based detection system and all-in-one brand protection platform for business and analysts.

brand protection phishing protection

70+ internationally distributed cybersecurity and brand protection professionals at your disposal.

Multifaceted approach to digital security innovations

machine learning for brand protection
Neural based detection

Unique neural network family based on the best proprietary detection practices, capable of detecting up to 90% of violations like a highly skilled professional.

drp digital risk protection softaware
Network graph

Threat intelligence that helps identify cybercriminal infrastructure and find additional methods for successfully taking down violations.

scam protection anti-scam
Scam intelligence

Actor-centric approach to investigating, researching and predicting scammers' behavior and tool development for improving detection and takedowns.

scam protection anti-phishing
Auto attribution

Algorithmic correlation of associated resources and entities for attributing and eliminating scam groups to prevent further attack escalation.

unified risk platform brand protection
Group-IB unified ecosystem

Cross-product data enrichment and "outside the box" monitoring that captures even the most sophisticated violations and elusive cybercriminals.

brand protection ip protection anti-scam
Self-adjustable scoring

Unparalleled ML-based scorings designed for determining the severity of violations to enable quick and smooth enforcement prioritization.

Secure your most strategic digital assets with Digital Risk Protection

Explore Group-IB Digital Risk Protection key modules

Anti-Scam & Anti-Phishing

Protection against online brand abuse.

Keeps you informed about violations and risks, assists with investigations, and facilitates effective takedowns.

Of all high-tech crimes in 2021 were scams and phishing

700 mln

Users per month visit at least one fraudulent website


Fake websites created daily by scammers all over the world


Protection against counterfeiting and illegal online sales

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection blocks offers of counterfeit products on the Internet, prevents their distribution and monitors compliance with your partner policy.
$4.8 trln

Retail e-commerce worldwide

$4.2 trln

Projected global counterfeit market volume by 2022


Share of counterfeit in some products groups


Smart protection of digital content

Group-IB Anti-Piracy within Digital Risk Protection solution protects brands against pirated usage and unauthorized distribution of their unique digital content.

Of pirated content is removed on a pre-trial basis

30 min

Is a average time to detect the first pirated copy of a movie


Of links to illegal resources are successfully blocked within 7 days

Data Leak Detection

Detection of sensitive data published on paste-sites and the dark web

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection monitors a range of open and dark web sources to uncover code repositories and other private information belonging to your organization.
40 bln

Records were lost in 2021


Of companies feel they are vulnerable to data breaches


Of companies are not confident in their data security posture

VIP Protection

Monitoring and mitigation fake accounts for C-level

Group-IB Digital Risk Protection defends the personal brand of C-level professionals in cyberspace by hunting down impersonations and illegal copies of accounts.

An attacker earned in a week using the top manager’s personal brand

5 mln

Views were collected by a post of a VIP’s fake account within 7 days on instagram


Of media figures have fake accounts om socila media

How Group-IB Digital Risk Protection works

Monitors digital assets
digital assets
Detects infringements
Eliminates violations
Mobile app stores
Deep & dark web
Online marketplaces
& classifieds
Phishing databases
Domain names
Code repositories
Search engines
Social media
& messengers
Types of violations
Brand abuse
VIP Impersonation
Online piracy
Fake partnerships
Fake advertising
Sensitive data leaks
Trademark abuse
Fake mobile apps
Fake SM accounts
and groups
Three-stage takedown
Notification stage
Notification stage

Identifies the resource owner and requests that the detected violation be removed

Notification stage
Enforcement stage

Leverages the partnership network to enforce the removal of any violations

Cease-and-desist stage
Cease-and-desist stage

Obtains an official pre-trial order to take down the detected violation

Brand protection
measures as today’s top priority

The preventive protection of your brand against digital risks that exist outside your company’s perimeter requires using a complex, AI-driven solution and an actionable brand protection strategy. Traditional monitoring systems or single link blocking are no longer effective: scam is getting more and more frequent, and techniques – even trickier. Your brand protection strategy nowadays should be even more game-changing than you could ever imagine.

Andrey Busargin

Head of Digital Risk Protection Business Unit

If you have a company and have invested in your brand then attackers will be a target. Companies both big and small value their brands and cyber criminals want to take advantage of this hard earned reputation. Protecting your digital assets and brand as you grow from any size is essential as cyber criminals will take advantage of the reputation you have earned.

Nicholas Palmer

Head of International Business Development

We at Group-IB are convinced: fighting the symptoms is not enough, eliminating the cause of diseases is more important. As the number of scam campaigns tends to grow, Group-IB Digital Risk Protection solution’s Graph network analysis will be a cornerstone feature to find the patterns and eliminate the root cause of fraud schemes.

Dmitry Tunkin

Head of Digital Risk Protection Europe

Resources to fuel
your brand protection strategy

Demistifying classiscam
Deep dive into where the scheme started, how it works and evolves. Learn more about one of the most popular scam schemes addressing more than 384 scam groups and using 169 brands from 64 countries
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Digital risk insights
Digital Risk Insights. The complete guide to the threat landscape in the digital space and latest techniques of scammers
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Frost Radar™ Innovation Excellence Award
Frost Radar™ Innovation Excellence Award. Frost & Sullivan recognized Group-IB as a leader in Digital Risk Protection
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Protect your brand and digital assets with Group-IB Digital Risk Protection

Moving forward
with Digital Risk Protection

How to get started with Digital Risk Protection?

Please contact your partner or Group-IB Digital Risk Protection team to discuss details.

To start the project, we require minimal input data:

  • To detect violations we need only the list of brands/trademarks and whitelist of legal resources.
  • To block brand infringements we need power of attorney from the owner of the trademark(s).
How does Digital Risk Protection detect violations?

We use sources including: domain name monitoring, scam/phishing databases, advertisement, search results, social media platforms, special parsers for marketplaces, mobile stores, and messengers. We use keywords, regular expressions, and different scoring models. All this is supervised by analysts 24×7 to detect errors and improve our systems. We also leverage telemetry from both our Threat Intelligence and Business Email Protection solutions.

How does your Group-IB Digital Risk Protection team block websites?

Group-IB has established strong relationships with domain registrars, hosting providers, domain zone authorities, different associations, and administrators of the largest websites. Our brand protection team contact them directly and ask to shut down a specific site or webpage. As a trusted party for some domain zones, we have an API using which we can take down domains in minutes on an automated basis. Besides, Group-IB owns CERT-GIB that is member of FIRST and Trusted introducer.

Does Group-IB Digital Risk Protection guarantee the confidentiality of information received from the clients?

Your security is our top priority. All sensitive data is transmitted after the NDA is signed.

What languages can Digital Risk Protection work with?

We can work with any language you want. Group-IB Digital Risk Protection already has customers from all over the world: Thailand, Singapore, India, Germany, Netherlands, Africa, Vietnam, Japan, Spain, and many more and protect their digital assets in any local language.