Attack Surface Management

Discover your
external attack surface

Receive actionable insights to improve security posture

IT complexity is at an all-time high,
leading to invisible risks

Cloud migrations and mass digitization are introducing unprecedented scale and complexity to corporate IT infrastructures, making it difficult to keep track of all external IT assets across the enterprise.

Group-IB Attack Surface Management improves security by continuously discovering all external IT assets, assessing risk using threat intelligence data, and prioritizing issues to enable high-impact remediation efforts.

Identify & strengthen the weak
points in your external attack surface

Discover unmanaged assets and other hidden risks so you can make high-impact remediations that strengthen security posture with a minimal allocation of resources.

The dashboard displays your risk scores, a summary of identified issues by severity and category, as well as the type and total number of discovered assets. This enables you to see your risks at a quick glance and identify issues that may need to be addressed.

The Assets tab lists all of the Internet-facing assets that are part of your organization’s infrastructure, which can then be confirmed or ignored. This provides a complete view on your organization’s footprint and provides an up-to-date inventory of external assets.

The Issues tab provides a list of all identified issues among your confirmed assets, which can then be marked as Under Review, Solved, Ignored, or False Positive. From here, you can also create tickets for your team and streamline remediation activities.

The Graph tab visualizes your external IT assets and the connections that make up your attack surface. Interact with the graph to inspect high-risk assets and the geographical distribution of infrastructure, enriching investigations and accelerating response times.

Stay ahead of your
expanding digital footprint

Improved visibility

Discover all external assets, including shadow IT, forgotten infrastructure, and misconfigurations

Continuous discovery

Automate IT asset discovery and continuously map out your organization’s external attack surface

An up-to-date inventory

Confirm your organization’s assets to generate an up-to-date IT asset inventory that keeps up with growth

Threat intelligence data

Gain insights into hidden risks like credential dumps, dark web mentions, botnets, malware, and more

Risk assessment

Check confirmed assets for common vulnerabilities & assign each one a risk score to prioritize remediation

Stronger security posture

Reduce risk and fix issues that provide measurable results for your security program

Monitor and manage your external attack surface

Attack Surface Management capabilities that go above & beyond the competition

Advanced Threat Intelligence Insights

Access industry-leading threat intelligence data including malware analysis, botnet tracking, phishing detection, credential dumps, dark web mentions, and more

Customizable Notifications & Reporting Features

Customize your notification settings to receive alerts when you need them. Set up reporting to meet your needs and show meaningful results to your stakeholders

Accessible Pricing & Measurable Value

Increase the return on existing security investments and gain measurable ROI with automated asset discovery that frees up resources for other priorities

Stories of successful deployment
& significant results

Group-IB is a reliable and effective partner that we’ve been building business with since 2016. When I first saw AttackSurface Management, I was extremely excited because it condenses a great deal of threat intelligence into an attack surface management product that is accessible to a much broader customer base than similar solutions.

Gerardo Costabile

CEO of DeepCyber, a Maggioli Group company

“For Paxful, Group-IB was the perfect solution; we were particularly impressed by the accuracy of Group-IB’s device fingerprint technology. The unique technology that easily detects suspicious devices is exactly what we were looking for. Interactive graph visualization tools and strong API create a truly comprehensive experience when it comes to fraud investigation. With reliable and helpful technical support, Group-IB is a well-rounded cybersecurity solution that works for us.”


Chief Information Security Officer

your blind spots

Moving Forward with
Attack Surface Management

How does Group-IB Attack Surface Management work? How is it able to map out my entire infrastructure?

Group-IB scans the entire Internet to identify and index corporate infrastructure. Relationships between these assets are then mapped out through digital connections like subdomains, SSL certificates, DNS records, and other discovery techniques. When you enter your organization’s domain, the system can immediately identify your infrastructure. This is then enriched with real-time discovery techniques and security validation to identify issues and raise alerts for remediation.

How is Group-IB Attack Surface Management different from a vulnerability scanner?

The focus of Group-IB Attack Surface Management is to identify your full attack surface, including the external assets you do not know about, such as shadow IT, forgotten infrastructure, and misconfigured databases that are accidentally exposed to the open web. This is distinct from vulnerability scanners, which must be given a specific IP range of known assets to function.

How does Group-IB Attack Surface Management provide ROI?

Group-IB Attack Surface Management provides value in several ways. First, it identifies unmanaged assets, which greatly reduces risk and improves security. Second, these newly discovered assets can be added to the scope of existing security investments, such as vulnerability scanners, penetration tests, and even newer tools like BAS and CART products. Lastly, by automating the process of identifying and inventorying external assets. The teams and personnel that would ordinarily spend a significant amount of time on these tasks are free to reallocate resources to other high-priority projects.

What kinds of threat intelligence data is incorporated into Group-IB Attack Surface Management?

Group-IB has been scanning the dark web and collecting threat intelligence for more than a decade. This includes credential dumps, discussions on dark web forums, malware deployment, the hosting of phishing panels, the sale of initial access to corporate networks, C&C server traffic, botnet activity, and more. When you deploy Group-IB Attack Surface Management, your organization and all of its confirmed assets are checked against these databases to see if there are any matches. If there is a match, the data is added to that asset in your Group-IB Attack Surface Management dashboard.

How do I begin a POC for Group-IB Attack Surface Management? What information do I need to get started?

Contact the Group-IB team via the form at the bottom of this page to get started with a trial license. Group-IB Attack Surface Management doesn’t require any new instances and is deployed in a matter of minutes. All you need to test drive Group-IB Attack Surface Management is your corporate email address.

How long does deployment take? Do I need to spin up new infrastructure?

Once you have access to Group-IB Attack Surface Management, it takes just a few clicks to map your entire company attack surface. No agents, integrations or major configurations are required.

Will I receive any security alerts when Group-IB Attack Surface Management is performing discovery on my organization?

No, Group-IB Attack Surface Management conducts passive data collection.

How do I buy Group-IB Attack Surface Management? How is pricing determined?

Pricing for Group-IB Attack Surface Management is based on the organization’s total number of domains, sub-domains, SSL certificates, and IP addresses, making Group-IB Attack Surface Management accessible to companies of all sizes and scope. Licenses are typically 1 year in length, although longer licenses are available at a discounted rate.