Group-IB Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence

Supercharge cybersecurity

Defeat threats efficiently and identify attackers proactively with a revolutionary cyber threat intelligence platform by Group-IB

Capitalize on your threat intelligence insights

The first line of defense shouldn’t be your infrastructure; stop attacks from your adversaries with Group-IB Threat Intelligence. Powered by the Unified Risk Platform the solution is equipped with the capabilities and cyber threat intelligence necessary to optimize your defenses.

Investigate and research threats with an intuitive graphical interface of Group-IB Threat Intelligence. Use the Graph to easily explore the relationship between threat actors, their infrastructure and the tools they use at a glance and drill into the threat intel details with just a click.

threat intelligence graph

Group-IB’s Unified Risk Platform has the industry’s largest library of dark web data sources, access into intelligence with Threat Intelligence to discover illegal activities and monitor whether your organization is mentioned on the dark web. Create rules to inform you when a topic of interest is discussed.

dark web data sources

Leverage Threat Intelligence to quickly understand threat actors’ behaviors, preferred methods and infrastructure with insight into their activity in the MITRE ATT&CK format. The Unified Risk Platform tracks and logs their attacks in real-time; easily review these insights within Group-IB Threat Intelligence.

threat intelligence attribution

Track threat actors easily with a customized threat landscape dashboard, giving you a single pane of glass to monitor their attacks. Use our threat intelligence solution to track actors that target your business, industry, partners and those of interest.

threat landscape threat intelligence

Discover compromised credentials, including VIP’s personal accounts, payment card information and breach databases before they are used to launch attacks or cause financial damage. Alerts within Group-IB Threat Intelligence can be created to inform you whenever Unified Risk Platform discovers a compromise for your organization.

data leaks threat intelligence

Activate your cyber threat intelligence and configure the Unified Risk Platform with Group-IB Threat Intelligence to automatically detect and takedown malicious sites to protect your brand and customers. Mitigate damage caused by phishing in record time thanks to CERT-GIB’s super fast takedown processes.

phishing threat intelligence

Use Group-IB Threat Intelligence to detonate suspicious files on the Unified Risk Platform or submit them to our reverse engineering team. Review in-depth analysis of the weaknesses targeted by malware and threat actors from the dashboard to prioritize patching.

malware threat intelligence

Enhance your existing security ecosystem easily with out-of-the-box integrations for Threat Intelligence. Powered by the Unified Risk Platform it quickly integrates with popular SIEM, SOAR and TIP solutions, or via API and STIX/TAXII data transfer to any tool in your security ecosystem.

integrations threat intelligence

Maximize known and unlock hidden values of cyber threat intelligence

Group-IB Threat Intelligence provides unparalleled insight into your adversaries and maximizes the performance of every component of your security with strategic, operational and tactical intelligence

strategic threat intelligence
Strategic threat intelligence

Understand threat trends and anticipate specific attacks with thorough knowledge of your threat landscape. Group-IB Threat Intelligence provides precise, tailored and reliable information for data-driven strategic decisions.

operational threat intelligence
Operational threat intelligence

Strengthen defenses with detailed insight into attacker behaviors and infrastructure. Group-IB Threat Intelligence delivers the most comprehensive insight into past, present and future attacks targeting your organization, industry, partners, and clients.

tactical threat intelligence
Tactical threat intelligence

Identify attacks faster and reduce response time with comprehensive visibility of the stages of attack used by threat actors. Group-IB Threat Intelligence gives your teams the best possible insight into the methods used by adversaries.

Key benefits of your threat intelligence platform

threat intelligence for risk management
Revolutionize risk management

with tailored on-demand, and regular monthly and quarterly threat reports written by threat intelligence analysts specifically for the board and executives

threat intelligence for growth enablement
Enable growth

with actionable threat intelligence before expanding into a new region/business line, and get industry-specific threats before digital transformation

threat intelligence for cost minimization
Lower the cost

of cyber security by avoiding unnecessary purchases and postponing upgrades by maximizing the efficacy of your existing security investments

threat intelligence for security transformation
Transform security

and adapt instantly, use the insights to block malicious network and endpoint activity the moment it is first observed anywhere in the world

threat intelligence detecting vulnerabilities
Identify and remove weaknesses

before they are exploited by arming your Red Team with detailed knowledge of threat actor’s tools, tactics and processes

threat intelligence platform for workflow automation
Automate workflows

and improve team efficiency by enriching your SIEM, SOAR, EDR and vulnerability management platforms with out-of-the-box API integrations supporting TAXII and STIX

threat intelligence for vulnerability patching
Prioritize vulnerability patching

for your technology stack with automated alerts that inform you the moment vulnerabilities are discovered or exploited by threat actors targeting your industry

threat intelligence eliminating false positives
Eliminate false positive alerts

and focus on legitimately risky events with a database of indicators of compromise for cybercriminals in your threat landscape

threat intelligence for response time reduction
Reduce response time

and quickly remove attackers from your network with knowledge of the cyber kill chain used by threat actors in the MITRE ATT&CK matrix format

Opt for threat intelligence to thwart the threat actors targeting your business

Group-IB Threat Intelligence is powered
by the Unified Risk Platform

Threat IntelligenceThreat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence scheme
Open-source intelligence

Paste sites


Code repositories


Exploit repositories


Social media discussions


URL sharing services

Data intelligence

C&C server analysis


Darkweb markets


Darkweb forums


Instant Messengers data (Telegram, Discord)


Phishing and malware kits


Compromised data-checkers

Malware intelligence

Detonation platform


Malware emulators


Malware configuration files extraction


Public sandboxes

Sensor intelligence

ISP-level sensors


Honeypot network


IP scanners


Web crawlers

Human intelligence

Malware reverse engineers


Undercover dark web agents


DFIR and audit services


Law enforcement operations

Regional specialists


Embedded managed service teams

Vulnerability intelligence

CVE list


Exploit repositories


Dark web discussions


Threat campaigns mapping

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How do I start a proof of concept for Threat Intelligence?

To get started simply fill in the form on this page. Our threat intelligence team will guide you through the proof of concept process and show you how to get the most value out of your Threat Intelligence solution.

How long does deployment of Group-IB Threat Intelligence take?

Threat Intelligence is a cloud service and can be enabled instantly. The Group-IB onboarding team will help configure the solution to meet your specific intelligence requirements and support integration with third-party services.

How much does Threat Intelligence cost?

Group-IB Threat Intelligence is modular and flexible, allowing you to gather the intelligence you need how and when you need it. We believe that intelligence should be accessed and do not charge per user, integration or API call.

How do I filter intelligence to show only information I am interested in?

Group-IB Threat Intelligence utilizes Threat Hunting Rules, enabling intelligence to be filtered and refined to meet your exact needs. Our team will set these up when the solution is first enabled and will work with you to continuously refine them, your team can also add/remove/modify any rule to customize the intelligence to your exact needs.

How can I build a business case for Threat Intelligence?

With numerous successful deployments worldwide, we can provide case studies to help you build a business case for Threat Intelligence. Reach out to our friendly team to learn how we have improved security and provided return on investment in organizations for any sector.

What are the sources of your threat intelligence?

Group-IB Threat Intelligence is powered by the Unified Risk Platform, the platform collects, correlates, and applies intelligence that is gathered from every function of Group-IB. This provides us with a uniquely diverse set of sources:

Malware intelligence

  • Detonation platform
  • Malware emulators
  • Malware configuration files extraction
  • Public sandboxes

Data intelligence

  • C&C server analysis
  • Dark web forums
  • Dark web markets
  • Instant Messengers
  • Phishing and malware kits
  • Compromised data-checkers
  • Phishing data collection points

Human intelligence

  • Malware reverse engineers
  • Undercover dark web agents
  • DFIR and audit services
  • Law enforcement operations

Sensor intelligence

  • ISP-level sensors
  • Honeypot network
  • IP scanners
  • Web crawlers

Vulnerability intelligence

  • CVE list
  • Exploit repositories
  • Dark web discussions
  • Threat campaigns mapping

Open-source intelligence

  • Paste sites
  • Code repositories
  • Exploit repositories
  • Social media discussions
  • URL sharing services