We help businesses prosper by fighting against cybercrime

Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Singapore, Group-IB is a leading provider of innovations and solutions for counteracting cyber attacks, eliminating fraud, and protecting brands worldwide

Our mission

Fight against cybercrime

Our innovative solutions and in-depth investigations eradicate cybercrime all over the globe to help this world become a safer place. We create an enabling environment for our customers, help boost their businesses by preventing potential attacks as well as reacting to real ones.

Our principles

Proudly presenting our five principles: the core values our team stands for

Zero tolerance to cybercrime
Zero tolerance to cybercrime

Fighting against all cybercrime: no matter the geography, origin or victim.

Doing things right and doing the right things
Doing things right and doing the right things

Acting the right way, standing for good, supporting our customers, partners and friends, and helping each other.

Researching and investigating
Researching and investigating

Being vigilant and ready to combat cyber criminals, and bring them to justice no matter what is your role in any team at Group-IB.

Inventing and innovating
Inventing and innovating

We are continuously innovating and improving our technologies, products and services in order to make a difference and proactively fight against cyber criminals.

Earning honestly and investing in cyber safe culture
Earning honestly and investing in cyber safe culture

We reinvest our gains into building research centers in regions where we operate and hiring new talent to study the local threat landscape.

What makes us stand out

Passion for innovation,
research, and investigation

Group-IB is the first private company ever to have successfully investigated more than a thousand cases worldwide thanks to our top-notch, innovative solutions combined with the exceptional proficiency of our experts, in order to follow the company’s mission.

Key figures

Our cybersecurity expertise, professional experience, and passion for innovation are way beyond these numbers, but if you are curious, we are inviting you to check it out.

Years of continuous
fight against cybercriminals
investigations of hi-tech crimes
vigilant employees globally
customers who trust us
Patents and
of incident response
Great brands trust Group-IB

and recognition

International cooperation, partnership, and recognition by leading analytical agencies

Find us all around the globe

We created a distributed and repeatable team structure across the world to provide our clients with a tailored, robust protection and continuous service.

European HQ

Office address:

1017KD, Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 919

Office address:

Dubai Internet City, Building @3, Office 102, Dubai, UAE
Global HQ

Office address:

138634, Singapore, 2 Fusionopolis Way, #15-04

Resources to fuel
your cybersecurity strategy

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The Group-IB Code of Conduct

Rules for conducting ethical and honest business for employees, customers, suppliers, and business partners

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