Expert collection and preparation of digital evidence to win your case in court

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80 million+

emails investigated

1400 TB+

of data analyzed

18 years

of experience in handling eDisсovery cases

The eDiscovery process facilitates the cooperation between technical experts responsible for investigating digital evidence, and clients with their legal teams. Correctly collected and documented digital evidence forms the basis for further investigation or case preparation for court proceedings.

Why eDiscovery is essential


Of in-house investigations face challenges due to mistakes in digital evidence gathering and documentation.

Data anyone can read

Digital evidence must be understood by the parties that will be interpreting it: lawyers and judges.

Evidence tampering

Evidence must be secure so the opposing side cannot claim it was altered, planted, or destroyed.

Needle in a haystack

Expertise is needed to find the right digital evidence among the multitude of poorly structured data.

Legal norms must be met

The methods used to identify, consolidate, and format data must adhere to legal norms.

The eDiscovery process

As soon as an eDiscovery request is received, our specialists start working.

  • Specialist arrive at incident site and conduct preliminary consultations
  • Search begins for sources that may contain data related to eDiscovery request
Preserve and
collect data
  • Protections installed around sources to ensure data is not damaged or changed
  • Data collected from client’s sources
  • Metadata hashes gathered to prove integrity of data
  • Collected data recorded and formatted in compliance with legal requirements
  • Data analyzed with client to identify the most relevant documents
  • Evidence evaluated for content and context using search patterns, key topics, etc.
  • Documents and information that will be used as evidence are determined with the client
  • Evidence prepared and translated so that it may be interpreted by local officials and legal teams
  • All documents and evidence presented to the client and court
  • Specialists conduct additional consultations with law enforcement, lawyers, and other experts


The eDiscovery service will vary depending on the case. The process is tailored to the client’s needs and the requirements of the client’s country.

Group-IB’s winning formula

eDiscovery is a delicate process that requires an experienced hand to look through the millions of available files and find the small fraction that are relevant. Through its vast experience in collecting digital evidence, Group-IB has grown to understand this challenge, which is why the company has worked hard to optimize its process to ensure that, no matter the case, you will win in court.

World-class expertise

Our forensic analysts have 18 years of experience in processing, analyzing, and preparing digital evidence.

Guaranteed results

We have conducted over 1,000 successful investigations around the world.

Advanced processes

To ensure success, we use leading eDiscovery software such asNUIX, Intella, and Relativity.

Fast service

Our experts can travel to any client around the world on short notice.

Certified specialists

Group-IB’s experts are certified by GCFA, OSFE, and ACE, and are members of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.(ACFE)

Best-in-class technology

Our Threat Intelligence & Attribution framework speeds up the research process by correlating cases with over 100,000 criminal profiles.

Our research

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The possibilities of mobile forensics

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eDiscovery – Group-IB eDiscovery

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